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800 Series Truck Jet


800 HPR ECO Truck Jet

With so many innovative features and benefits, the 800 HPR ECO is truly the “Best In Class”. Maximizing run time the best way to improve the performance of your cleaning crew and the 800 Eco is designed with this in mind. A single axle package with 1500 gallons of water capacity provides operators with an easy-to-maneuver package while maximizing cleaning footage between water refills. Duraprolene water tanks allow capacities of 2000, 3000 and 4500 gallons. The 800 HPR Eco has built-in features that support operators in the area of job safety, therefore setting it apart from its competitors. The unique construction of the Duraprolene tank includes a fully baffled interior, eliminating the dangerous surging of water when stopping or turning with thousands of  pounds of water on board. Extendable, rotating hose reel allows operators to position themselves with minimal exposure to traffic and other potential hazards.

800-A Truck Jet

The Model 800-A comes complete with all the great features and standard equipment of any Model 800 sewer cleaner and includes an auxiliary engine and fixed hose reel.

The automatic level wind provides hydroulic up/down action which allows operators to acess hard-to-reach manholes by raising and lowering the level wind to properly align the sewer hose with the manhole. This feature coupled ith the rotating reel, will give any operator beter alignment with the manhole.

We’ve have the machines to help you get the job done right the first time.

800-APR Truck Jet

The 800-APR provides heavy duty cleaning and maintenance of sanitary and storm sewers. Compact design, complete with auxiliary engine and rotation hose reel, allows for increase mobility, especially in emergency situations. Increased water gallonage (up to 100 GPM) maximizes removal of heavy debris deposits and improves abilities of hydraulic root cutters, grease cutters, and blockage breaking tools.

800-HPR TV Truck Jet

The Model 800-HPR TV Truck Unit combines the power of high pressure sewer cleaning, with the technology of color television inspection. These two abilities allow any city, contractor or agency to clean and televise pipe with one unit instead of two. The 800-HPR TV is equipped with the innovative and unique “Umbilical Cord”* – this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable. This allows the jet camera to propel itself through the pipe using high pressure water and “color televise” as it travels. At street level, the operator views the sewer pipe on a TV monitor as the jet camera travels from manhole to manhole. The guess work is done.


The Model 800-HF comes complete with all the great features and standard equipment of any Model 800 sewer cleaner and includes a hydrostatic drive and front-mounted hose reel.

Unlike aluminum or steel, Duraprolene is 100% immune to long term damage caused by water and deicers, such as magnesium chloride and common road salt. The square design holds more water per linear foot than round tanks. With driver safety in mind, each tank is fully baffed to eliminate water surge while turning and stopping.


The 800-H is the industry standard for rear mounted fixed reel jetters. The 800-H features hydrostatic drive, many pump options, and world class electronics all located in the heated rear compartment.  The 800-H truck jet features as standard the industries only 3/4″ thick, 1500 gallon Duraprolene water tank.  This tank offers one of a kind reparability and adds the safety of a honeycomb of baffles inside to make this an incredibly safe machine as well.

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    Make Sewer Equipment Co.
    Condition New
    type Jetting Unit, Sewer Cleaner, Truck Jet
    Year 2017
    Length 22'6"
    Width 8'4"
    Height 11'1"
    Max Water Capacity 1500 gallons
    Axle Configurations Single, Tandem
    Max Hose Capacity 1000'
    Hose Size 1/2" - 1"
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